The word 'PROGRESS' forms the basis of the company's name.

In dutch the word progress means; voortgang, vooruitgang, (figuurlijk) vordering, ontwikkeling, voortschrijding, groei.  The letters 'IT' in PROGRESS-IT can be translated to information technology or to just the word 'it'.

For me projects are an organization in itself, with a clear starting point and a description of the final result. Any organization in any form consists of the people who will be responsible for realization of this result. An organization focuses typically on six themes strategy, structure, culture, people, resources, and results. I also translate these six themes to a project.

I make sure that in addition to the implementation of a project the project team members are aware of their role, tasks and responsibility within but also outside the project. In addition to the desired result, as customer of my services, you will have employees who understand their role within the project and the company. With " situational leadership " as the basis and counselling techniques I teach the projectmembers self-reliance. 

I ensure, during the project, a balance between the six themes strategy, structure, culture, people, resources, and results. A project and its employees can effectively and efficiently change and grow as these six themes with each other are in balance. This is true for a project but also in the organization itself.