Once I heard a statement 'knowledge doesn't give you power if you do not share it'.

That is the reason why I started a personal social learning environment where everyone who is interested in project management can share knowledge and gain knowledge.  Whether you're starting as project manager or you are asked to take part in a project. In this personal learning environment you find everything about project management. The learning environment is set up as a campus. So, you can register yourself for a specific learning process. In addition, I ask also experienced project managers to sign in. You can then act as a coach to those who are new to guide them to become a good project manager. Here, you can also share and discuss cases with each other. Also you can write me directly at regular intervals in a chat contact. 

The curriculums are related to the pocket book successful project management which is a basis to complete the exam of CITO IPMA-D successfully.

Interested? Ask your free login by clicking on the computer,  and send an email to Bert Annink. I do this in this way to prevent spam, ghost accounts and hacking on the portal as much as possible. 


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